4th WCBM Junior Academic Competition

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분야 학술/논문, 경연대회
주최 People and Global Business Association
주관 (사)사람과세계경영학회
기간 2016.09.01 ~ 2017.01.31 마감
대상 대학생, 고등학생, 중학생
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4th WCBM Junior Academic Competition.zip [181]

  • 개요

    4th WCBM Junior Academic Competition is an international academic event which is held with the World Conference on Business and Management (WCBM) organized by People and Global Business Association (P&GBA). 
    The purpose of this competition is to help students develop ideas in a creative and innovative manner through mentoring from professors around the world. There will be opportunities where students will meet professors from all over the world, and have their paper published in the proceeding book for World Conference on Business and Management, while being able to participate in the WCBM conference.
  • 주제

    - Oral Presentation or Poster
    - Free topic related to Management/Economy/Finance
    - Special Topic : People-oriented Business Management
  • 기간 및 일정

    [~ 01.31.2017 (Tuesday)]
    - Registration for participation with registration fee
    - 1st Round extended abstract submission
      - use the attached format (download at P&GBA website.)
      - submit by E-mail (academy@pngba.org)
    [02.15.2017 (Wednesday)]
    - Announcement for 1st Round Result
    - will be sent via email
    [02.28.2017 (Tuesday)]
    - Author(s) Registration deadline for World Conference on  Business and Management (WCBM)
    - http://wcbm.pngba.org/
    [~ 04.30.2017 (Sunday)]
    - Final Full Paper Submission
      -   submit by E-mail (academy@pngba.org)
      -   Must use WCBM paper format
      -   Only extended abstract will be included in Conference  Proceedings (ISSN:2384-3586) for submitted papers after April 30, 2017.
    [06.28.2017 ~ 07.02.2017 (Wed- Sat) @Bali, Indonesia]
    -  WCBM Junior Academic Competition Final Round and Award Ceremony 
    - Time/Place will be announced
    *  All schedules may be changed in the future.
  • 참가대상

    - High-School students or college students who are eligible to the age standard.
    - Participate as individual or team (maximum of 4 people per team)
  • 시상내역

    - TBA
  • 문의처

    - Tel. 02-962-0719
    - E-mail : academy@pngba.org
4th WCBM Junior Academic Competition는 해외에서 진행되는
국제학술대회 World Conference on Business and Management (WCBM) 의 하나의 프로그램으로
영어로 논문을 발표하고 세계 여러나라의 교수 및 학생들과 교류를 할 수 있는 대회입니다.

※ 본 공모전 내용은 주최사 사정으로 변경될 수 있습니다. 반드시 주최사 공모요강을 확인하시기 바랍니다.


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